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Hello all. I'm Sya. Student from Temasek Polytechnic, School of Engineering.

Loves Photography. I'm currently on an assignment of searching for "Intersting places" in Singapore.

Wide variety of choices such as places to eat, shop, historical sites, places to hang out and many more.

Please do sent in your comments in the tagbox provided.

It will be much appreciatted. Cheers.

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Wonder 1-Song Of The Sea
Wonder 2-Marina Barrage
Wonder 3-Henderson Wave
Wonder 4-Sentosa(Beach)
Wonder 5-Chinese Garden

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Sunday, February 1, 2009 @ 1:35 AM
Chinese Garden

Wonder 5 - Chinese Garden

Located at the west side of Singapore. This place have such a peaceful environment. There are no "daily rush" that local Singaporeans always do. Chinese Garden is almost the same as Botanical Garden but it is fill with many beautiful "Chinese Architectural" structures. Being here, it brings you closer to nature, breathe the fresh air and admire the sounds of birds chirping and crickets singing. It is so relaxing.

I never thought that Chinese Garden is a place to visit, but after I've been there, I would love to visit there again. It is just beautiful. Do bring your love ones here and enjoy what nature have to offer. Go Visit!!

There a website for you to visit, there more information about Chinese Garden. It is an interesting website with in depth view of the garden itself.

(Photos taken by me. Click on it to enlarge.)

One of the bridges.

By the river.

7 Storey Pagoda.

7 Storey Pagoda.

Stairwell inside the Pagoda.

View of the Pagoda.

Rat Structure.

Au Revoir..

Sunday, January 4, 2009 @ 6:36 AM

Wonder 4 - Sentosa(beach).

It is located south of Singapore. It is an island. A tiny island filled with loads of attractions. To get there, you can wither take the Sentosa bus, by your own car or the cable car.

The only reason i love to visit Sentosa is because of the beach. Siloso beach and Palawan beach. Beaches in Sentosa can’t be compare to our mainland beaches. The beach is much more cleaner, the sand is white and the sea is sparkling green. For beach lovers, this is the place for you. I just feel as if I am in different country when I’m there.

The foods and drinks maybe a lot more expensive, so bring more cash when you visit there. Kids will definitely love spending their time enjoying themselves there. There are a lot more attractions other than the beaches, such as Underwater world, Fort-Siloso, Dragon Trail and many more. Come down and have fun!

(Photos taken by me. Click on it to enlarge.)

One of the tower at Palawan beach.

Sparkling green sea.

Palawan Beach

Suspension bridge at Palawan Beach.

A birthday surprise was waiting for her.

Kids having fun.

Enjoying the swim.


@ 5:10 AM

Wonder 3 - Henderson Wave

It is one of Singapore coolest bridge. It looks like a giant spiral spring twisted around a long bridge. It is one beautiful architectural work. You may wonder what is so great about this bridge. Well it is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, 36m above ground level. The bridge platform is made out of wood.

I started my journey heading to Henderson Wave from HortPark. It is estimated 2.3km walk through the forest walk. For people who loves nature, upclose and personal, this is the place for you. I enjoyed myself walking through the forest. It was tiring though, as it was all uphill walk, but the view I got for making it up there was just spectacular.

Do stay till night fall as the bridge itself will illuminate with colourful light display. A place for family to visit and relax, and teens to hang out. Go Visit!!

(Photos taken by me. Click on it to enlarge.)

Forest walk

Heading to Henderson Wave from forest walk.

Henderson Wave


View from the top.

When the sunsets...

And the lights are turn on..

Further information, you can click on this here. Au Revoir!